America Automotive History Books

It’s hard to imagine America without automobiles, isn’t it? That feeling of freedom that comes with getting behind the wheel, hitting the gas, and heading toward the horizon is about as American as apple pie or George Washington. That said, automobiles are a part of who we are not only as individuals, but as a people.

American automotive history books seek to elevate our appreciation for all things auto by supplementing our knowledge of the thing we treasure most – the great American automobile.

Exploring the Richness of American History with Automotive Books

There are many industries that helped to make our nation great, but the automotive industry is one of the most important. It’s also among the most complex. The automobile has been a pillar of the American economy for decades. It’s spawned thousands of American jobs, and given rise to a multitude of additional interests and pursuits.

To explore our nation’s automotive history is to develop an understanding of how something as seemingly commonplace as the automobile helped to shape our society into what it is today. The right automotive book will show you how and why it came to be such an important part of the American experience. You’ll learn about important icons in automotive history – everyone from racing legends, to unforgettable designers, to humble builders.

Let Arcadia Introduce You to the Best Automotive Book for You

The history of the American automotive industry is a complex one, so it’s difficult to get a complete grasp of it simply from studying it on a broader level. Arcadia Publishing’s comprehensive collection of regional and local interest automotive books online can take you deeper into its richness than you ever imagined possible.

Explore everything, from the building history of key locations and towns to the personal stories of the very people that spent their lives right in the thick of the industry’s development. You’re sure to be glad you did.

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