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5 Awesome College Football Traditions
Traditions are so much more than just rituals that have been handed down from person to person over time. They’re a big part of what makes a given event authentic and unique. Our traditions aren’t just part of who we are, but a big part of how we express our collective identities to other people as well. 
Labor Day & The Chicago Haymarket Affair
Q: What do seven German and English anarchist immigrants, an anarchist Civil War veteran from Texas and his mixed-race wife/anarchist/“rabble-rouser” have in common with a U.S. President from the Democratic Party?
A: Labor Day
​Classic Americana: Iconic Boardwalks of New England
Explore New England’s stunning rocky coastline, and you’ll find small sandy beaches with paths that lead to bays, boats and boardwalks. These boardwalks function as a playground for both residents and visitors, with scenic piers that extend over the water offering stunning views and local attractions.
Legends of Laurel Hill Cemetery
Laurel Hill Cemetery, located in Saco, Maine, is the final home to some of Maine’s most well-known leaders, many of whom led interesting lives. In celebration of the release of Laurel Hill Cemetery of Saco, Maine, we’re featuring three of the cemetery’s most notable residents.
Exploring the Riches of America’s Famous Shipwrecks
​Off the shores of the American coast, the wrecks of ill-fated seafaring vessels can be found miles beneath the water’s surface. Many of these shipwrecks, discovered over the centuries by avid underwater explorers, have contained significant amounts of gold,...
5 Historic California Locations That Should Be on Your Radar
Whether you’re a long-time California native or simply someone that dreams of having a chance to travel to the Golden State on vacation one day, one thing’s for certain. California is incredibly easy to love. Beautiful beaches, perfect weather, fantastic wine, and cuisine that strikes the perfect balance between healthy and delicious. Definitely a winning combination if there ever was one!
Fabulous Las Vegas: Get to Know Sin City Better with These Page Turners
If you really can’t picture your summer without at least one trip to Las Vegas, you’re in excellent company. Las Vegas is truly the type of city that has a little something to offer everyone. Whether you’re into winning big at the blackjack table, indulging in five-star restaurant experiences, or taking in some of the best entertainment available anywhere, Vegas has exactly what you’re in the mood for.
One of the Most Haunted States in America – Do You Live There?
Missouri has the Gateway Arch, which is the largest arch in the world; the Ozark Mountains; and the Missouri River, the longest river in North America. It is the second largest cave state in the United States. With more than 6,000 recorded caves, it borders more than eight states, and is known as the Show Me State.