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What does the name Arcadia mean?
We here at Arcadia have started to wonder recently where the name behind our company may have come from, so we’ve started doing a little research of our own…
​The Early History of Theme Parks in America
Since the 19th Century, Americans have flocked to amusement parks to explore family-friendly entertainment. In fact, many of us can conjure up childhood memories of the park’s signature snacks or the cheerful call of the carousel.
The Rise of Craft Coffee: A Culinary Experience in a Cup
People have used the coffee bean as an energy source for over a thousand years. The discovery of coffee originated in Ethiopia, and it quickly spread throughout the Middle East and Africa before making its way into Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The rise of craft coffee developed out of centuries-old love and appreciation for the humble bean.
Classic Films that Inspire Travel in America
There are films added to the canon of classics for their skillful acting, superb writing or emotional capacity, and then there are films that shine through purely because they take us somewhere else. Viewers are swept away by the Silver Screen...
5 of America’s Biggest Political Scandals Before 1900
Although we today look back on contributors to early American history with a kind eye, the Founding Fathers and their direct successors had their own share of drama while in office. Here are five of America’s most infamous political scandals prior to 1900.
The Birth of Alcoa Aluminum
In 1889, 22-year-old Arthur Vining Davis, Captain Alfred Hunt, and George Clapp of the Pittsburgh Reduction Company appeared by appointment at Mellon Bank. Charles Martin Hall, the technical superintendent for the company, had produced aluminum, at one time the world’s most costly metal.