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Who Were the 100 Most Influential People in American History and Why?
American history is nothing if not filled with influential people. However, it’s important to realize that the honor of having been labeled an influential person is by no means limited to military leaders or presidents. American history is also filled with visionaries and writers, activists and entrepreneurs. It’s one thing to deem a given historical figure influential. It’s another to define what it means to be influential. What makes a given person worthy of a spot on a Top 100 list? Is it really possible for one person on such a list to matter more than another? How much do changing societal values affect who’s considered noteworthy and who is not?
Books Make Great Gifts
When you’re looking for gifts, consider a book. With over 13,000 titles in print, we have something that’s sure to satisfy any interest.
5 Essential Automotive History Books for Car Lovers
There are few things that personify the concept of personal independence quite like a car ride. Nothing compares to the sensation of the sun on your skin and the sight of the open road stretching out ahead of you. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, with a car at your disposal. No wonder the average American remembers the day he got his first driver’s license as the best day of his life!
5 Important Reasons to Teach Your Kids American History
If you’re a parent, then you probably don’t need to be told why it’s important to be involved when it comes to your child’s education. Children with parents that consider involvement important grow up to be better adjusted and more self-aware. They tend to have better relationships with not only their parents, but other people as well.
4 Reasons Every Music Lover Should Explore Regional Interest Literature
A given person may or may not be into sports. You’ll have people who love to read lengthy novels and people who would rather stick to movies instead. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone from any culture who doesn’t like some form of music, and it’s not hard to see why. Music is the closest thing we have to a universal language. It can speak to anyone or be made to say just about anything. Music is one of the only activities that engages almost every part of the human brain.