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Transcend time with local and regional interest titles by Arcadia Publishing and The History Press. Explore the page-turning tales about your much-loved state or town through first-person accounts, captivating images, and historical documents. As one of the country’s foremost local history and interest publishers, Arcadia Publishing and The History Press has created thousands of titles across all fifty states, with topics that range from the history of the smallest town, to the making of the biggest cities.


Every American town has a unique story to tell. From all-absorbing niches and legends like radio broadcasting, true crime stories, or baseball history, to zoomed-out views of a particular region or culture, our assortment of local interest books will help you understand how a specific place was put on the map. To search for your favorite area, just click on a state to explore our titles, and narrow your selection by popular cities, best-sellers, or themes. We dig deep into every detail, painting extraordinary pictures that capture a region’s legacy of industry, culture, and soul. So whether you just have a general interest in topics like historical disasters, architecture, haunted places, or true crime, or want something more specific, Arcadia and The History Press will share with you little-known stories and insights about your state.

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