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Books on Parks and Gardens

If you’ve ever spent much time in any one of America’s historic parks or gardens, then you’re already well aware of what a unforgettable experience it can be. The sweet scent of flowers, the calming sight of greenery, and the feeling of the sun on your skin really are like balm for the soul. You go home renewed and refreshed on a level that’s hard to achieve in any other way.

However, America’s gorgeous parks and gardens are so much more than just beautiful places to spend an afternoon. They’re an important part of our nation’s history as well. Regional interest books on the subject can help you count the ways.

Get Up Close and Personal with America’s Parks and Gardens

Show us a nationally known park or noteworthy American garden, and we can show you a detailed collection of personal stories, historical accounts, and amazing details that helped make it everything it is today. Local interest literature can take you on a journey through the fascinating histories of each of your favorite locations.

Learn how South Carolina’s stunning Brookgreen Gardens went from a philanthropist’s favorite winter home to a beloved cultural attraction. Explore the fascinating backstories behind America’s historic Charleston Gardens, Nunley’s Amusement Park, and the Missouri Botanical Garden. Marvel at expansive collections of timeless photography that capture these wonders through the ages.

Get Acquainted with America’s Greatest Locations Through Arcadia

When it comes to regional interest literature that does satisfying justice to all of our nation’s most beautiful parks and gardens, you can’t beat Arcadia Publishing’s extensive catalog of historic literature.

Start with a refresher course on locations you already know and love. Then branch out with volumes on parks and gardens you’ve never been to before. Not only will you get to know a particularly lovely slice of American history, but you just may discover a new favorite garden to love. Explore the possibilities today!

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