History of corporations in America

When you think of concepts that are practically synonymous with “America,” what comes to mind? If you’re like many modern individuals, then the chances are excellent that you immediately picture the American corporation, and you’d be right to do so. American culture would not be what it is today without its major industries and corporations. In fact, it could easily be said that America is its corporations.

That said, no study of American history is complete without a thorough exploration of corporation history. The best corporate books on the market today can give you an excellent place to begin your own intellectual adventure.

Corporate History Books Provide New Perspective on American History

To understand what makes America’s corporations so exceptional, it’s vitally important to study multiple regional interest books on the subject. Learn more about how each state, city, and community in our nation developed its own unique corporate identity.

Explore the backstories of some of the industries that made America great, including but not limited to steel, oil and gas, textiles, fishing, and the automobile industry. Get to know individual heavy hitters behind such recognizable names as King Arthur Flour, IBM, and General Motors. Start with a corporate book about a personal favorite, and take it from there.

No One Knows the History of Corporations Like Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing features one of the nation’s largest, most varied, and most comprehensive collections of regional interest history books on a variety of topics, up to and including American corporate history.

Explore the inspiring stories behind each of America’s greatest corporations and the individuals behind them. Learn how the concept of the corporation shaped our society and made it into what it is today. Look back on iconic corporations of the past – legends like Hudson’s Department Store – and study their legacies. The possibilities are endless. Get started today!

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