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Here in the Western world, shopping is more than just the way we acquire the things we need or want in life. It’s also part of how we make memories, imagine possibilities, and bond with loved ones. That said, it’s not hard to understand why America’s department stores are so much more than just convenient one-stop shopping destinations. They’re also a part of our cultural identity, and exploring the world of department store history books can help you discover how.

Explore a New Facet of History with Department Store Books

When you think of American department stores, you probably instantly picture colossal mall mainstays like Macy’s or Sears. However, there’s a lot more to department stores as a concept than the staples that are familiar to you.

Department store history books can take you inside the conception of America’s earliest department-style shopping experiences. Get to know the rich histories behind regional legends like Bullock’s, The Emporium, Hudson’s, and more. Be introduced to the architectural and economic visionaries behind some of your favorite department stores. Even discover the differences between department stores from different regions across the country.

Let Arcadia’s Regional Interest Catalog Demystify Department Store Culture

If you’re truly interested in developing a comprehensive understanding of American department store history, it’s important not to underestimate the value of local interest books. Arcadia Publishing is home to one of America’s largest and most comprehensive regional interest collections on department store culture and history.

Get to know the detailed history behind the iconic department stores you’ve shopped at since you were a child. Learn what made stores from other states great in the regions they were designed for. Appreciate department stores from eras gone by and learn what department store shopping was like years ago.

The country’s collective regional knowledge is yours to discover with Arcadia in your corner. Explore the possibilities today!

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