Historic Bridges of America

By simple definition, a bridge is a structure that allows passage over a variety of different obstacles, including bodies of water, valleys, chasms, or rough terrain. However, those with a deep appreciation for architecture know that such a definition doesn’t even begin to cover how important and historic many bridges really are.

Simple bridges have been around in one form or another since the earliest civilizations ruled the earth. However, they’ve come a very long way since. Today, the historic bridges of the world are more than just structures that help us get from place to place. They also represent years of technological development, research, and human vision.

Study the Historic Bridges of the US and Deepen Your Understanding

If you’re a great appreciator of American travel and architecture, then an in-depth study of America’s great historical bridges is an absolute must. Learn all about the roles each historic bridge played in the development of the nation’s greatest cities and communities. Explore the personal stories, struggles, and triumphs of America’s most noteworthy historical bridge engineers.

The history of how the art of bridge building developed right here in America is an important part of our country’s legacy. After all, what defines a country’s people more thoroughly than the amazing things that they build, bridges included?

Arcadia Gets Up Close and Personal with Historic American Bridges

Regional and local interest books are an excellent way to explore a specific topic, and Arcadia Publishing features one of the most comprehensive regional catalogs out there today.

Learn about the engineers and architects responsible for the bridges in your home state. Explore the role bridges and bridge making played in American history over the centuries. Dig deeper into special points of interest, and uncover little known facts and stories about the bridges that helped make America great. Explore the possibilities today!

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