Manufacturing & Retail

History of Retail and Manufacturing in America

It goes without saying that every American consumes American goods and benefits from the fruits of American industry. However, very few people really stop to think about how it all started. Those who don’t are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to explore American history from a fascinating new perspective.

Behind each American business is an idea, and behind each idea is a visionary who worked hard to bring that idea to fruition. Undergoing a study of manufacturing and retail in the United States can help introduce you to a whole new aspect of American history.

Explore the History of the Great American Idea

America is known for so many ideas, industries, and innovations, that it’s impossible to list them all. Regional interest literature focusing on each of the wonders America builds, makes, and sells can help you explore your favorites in rich detail.

Learn all about the legendary aircraft manufacturers of Michigan and New York. Explore Greenville’s textile industry, Pennsylvania’s steel plants, Detroit’s famous auto factories, and Wisconsin’s aluminum industry. Discover the backstories of the real-life women behind Rosie the Riveter. Explore the role retail outlets have played in American culture over the years.

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Study the origins of your hometown’s most famous claims to fame. Dig deeply into the backstories of other great Americans who were part of your industry decades (or even centuries) before you were. Get to know American business on a level you never dreamed possible before. Let Arcadia show you the way!

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