Legends & Lore

Lore and Legends of America

There are a lot of elements that come together to give a city its own unique identity and vibe. Part of that identity is about the people who live there and the cultures that have been part of its history. However, there’s also something to be said for the legends and lore associated with a certain place.

Good stories with their roots in historic reality are treasures no one can resist. The right local interest literature can help you discover the strange, unusual, or just plain fascinating tales that are part of your favorite city’s backstory.

Explore a Whole New Layer of American History

While historic events are indubitably an important part of a region’s history, so are the legends that have sprung up around those events and the people that once called that place home. Regional interest literature can help you discover a wealth of new local tales to love and share.

Learn about regional Native American legends that predate America itself. Explore fascinating stories about everything under the sun, from ancient curses, to witches, to mysterious sea monsters. Get to know your own hometown or favorite vacation spot on a whole new level.

Arcadia Publishing Is Your Ticket to Adventure

Arcadia Publishing’s extensive collection of local interest books is second to none if you’re looking to explore the best of America’s legends and lore. Discover timeless legends related to each American state, town, and community.

Explore the histories behind staples that were part of every American child’s upbringing, like Paul Bunyan and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Learn what stories Americans throughout history told about the lakes, rivers, and areas they knew best. Send a delicious tingle down your spine with a ghost story or two. Let Arcadia get you started today!

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