Maritime History Books

People have been fascinated with just about anything to do with the ocean for centuries, and with good reason. Once upon a time, the open ocean was the last frontier left to be explored by man. Then the wide, wonderful world of maritime economy opened up, to everyone’s benefit, and the rest is history.

Undertaking the study of American maritime history, in particular, is a wonderful way to get to know the great nation you already know and love from an entirely new perspective. Regional interest literature can help you get started in the right direction.

Exploring America’s Connection to Maritime History

Show us an American city or town with a coastline, and we’ll show you a uniquely rich connection to American maritime history that is packed with fascinating information and interesting stories. Local interest books that focus on that area’s maritime history can introduce you to them all.

Explore how Richmond, Virginia became a major seaport by the mid-19th century – a shipping point responsible for handling everything from produce, to livestock, to tobacco, to coal. Learn about Seattle’s growth from a humble pioneer settlement to a bustling maritime metropolis. Uncover the history of maritime commerce as it relates to your own hometown or favorite city.

Let Arcadia Show You the Way

Arcadia Publishing is home to one of the country’s largest and most comprehensive collections of local interest books on a variety of subjects. This includes a complete catalog of United States maritime history volumes.

Learn where each of America’s coastal cities and communities fits into the big picture when it comes to boats, sea commerce, and more. Marvel at the personal stories of America’s pioneers in the industry. Take in entire collections of gorgeous vintage photography. You’ll be introducing yourself to America from a wonderfully enriching new point of view that you’ll never forget. Let Arcadia help you unlock the possibilities today!

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