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While there’s certainly something to be said for one’s work, play is just as important a part of life. From radio to theater, music to movies, entertainment has developed into so much more than just a way to kill time outside of the office. The ways we entertain ourselves are a part of our cultural heritage and history as Americans.

That said, an in-depth study of entertainment in America is truly an enriching experience. The right regional interest books can introduce you to this profoundly colorful side of American history in style.

Entertainment History: Exploring the Many Ways Americans Have Fun

It goes without saying that entertainment has undergone quite a few changes over the years. Local interest books on entertainment history can help you develop an understanding of how people in hundreds of communities across America passed the time throughout the ages.

Learn how early entertainment staples in Milwaukee, Chicago, or New York City developed into the beloved pastimes modern citizens enjoy today. Explore the rich, wonderful world of African American entertainment in multiple cities across the nation. Discover the details of how Memphis came to be considered the undisputed home of the blues. The possibilities are endless!

Rediscover America’s Rich Past with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing is home to one of the country’s largest, most complete collections of regional interest literature on entertainment in America. Dig deeply into any topic in regards to any city you like.

Feast your eyes on beautiful vintage photography and enjoy firsthand accounts from a multitude of Americans throughout the ages. Learn all there is to know about your own hometown, or study up on a city you’ve always wanted to visit to increase your potential enjoyment of the trip. Discover the rich local traditions behind your favorite music genres and entertainment venues. Get started today!

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