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New book focuses on Irvington: Area writer puts together some history
By Bill McCleery   - 06/12/2008

Indianapolis Star

More Info on This Book: Historic Irvington

Julie Young, a freelance writer living in Warren Township, has published her second book with Arcadia Publishing's release of "Historic Irvington."

The book, part of the "Images of America" series, is a compilation of historic photos from the area. In addition, each chapter features a short essay addressing a topic of Irvington history.

Young is also the author of "A Belief in Providence: A Life of Saint Theodora Guerin." She answered several questions about her latest book.

Question: What got you interested in the Irvington community?

Answer: When I was little, I spent a lot of time over in Irvington visiting my aunt and her family. I took the neighborhood for granted and didn't realize how rich its history was until I started covering Irvington events for Star East and other publications. I knew it was the original home of Butler University, but there was a lot I didn't know.

As for writing the book, I knew I wanted to do one of the "Images of America" titles because I like my history books with lots of pictures and plenty of quick facts. When it came to choosing something to write about, Irvington immediately popped into my mind, and luckily the publisher agreed.

Q: How deep are your Eastside roots?

A: I always say I couldn't be any more Eastside if I tried. I was born in Greenfield, my mother was from the New Palestine area, I went to Little Flower and Scecina (schools), had an aunt who lived in Irvington, and I now reside in Warren Township. My mom still lives in the same home that she and my father bought a month before I was born, and other than a brief stint in North Carolina, I have always lived here.

Q: What was the most interesting thing you learned while
working on this book?

A: While I was searching for photos, I discovered that my grandfather, Fred Johnson, was a partner in an Irvington business called Jiffy. I knew about Jiffy, and I knew the company was the original producer of Liquid Plumbr, or "Lik-wid Plumbr," as it was originally spelled, but I didn't realize that the company was in Irvington.

My mother and I were able to go through my late grandmother's photo albums and find a picture of one of the Lik-Wid Plumbr trucks with my dad standing in front of it. I was really proud of that because that was a piece of my own family's Irvington history.

Q: What's the most enjoyable part of putting together a book and getting it published?

A: There is nothing like holding your book in your hand and seeing your name on the cover. Just seeing all of your hard work become a reality is pretty neat. Also, when I meet people and they tell me that they enjoyed my work or that they read my book multiple times -- having that kind of impact is indescribable.

Q: What's the most frustrating?

A: Something always goes wrong. . . . There were moments I didn't think it would all come together, but somehow, it did -- thanks to current and former Irvington citizens . . . including Don Flick, Howard Caldwell, Marge Conly, Bea Cottom and many, many others.

Buy It Now: Historic Irvington $21.99

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