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Commemorating Camilla
By Cathy Higgins   - 10/11/2008

Albany Herald

More Info on This Book: Camilla

ALBANY — Camilla is the spotlight of Arcadia Publishing’s recent release, “Images of America: Camilla” by Camilla native Warren Royal and his mother, Diane Dixon of Camilla.

Available for $19.99, the 127-page paperback book is a pictorial compilation of Camilla’s history, divided into chapters on such topics as early downtown, churches and notable people, just to name a few.

According to the book’s co-author Royal, who now lives in Cumming, growing up in Camilla inspired “Images.”

“As I have grown older, I have learned to really appreciate the people, lifestyle and values that I learned growing up in Camilla,” he said in a news release. “I also developed an interest in the history of the city, and in collecting historical images of the businesses and buildings in the downtown area.”

With that appreciation in mind, Royal spent a decade collecting numerous images of Camilla. And since 2008 is the 150th anniversary of the city’s founding, he felt a book would be a good way to mark the occasion.

“I decided that it was time to share my collection with others who love and appreciate the city in the same way that I do,” he said.

So Royal decided to enlist his mother, Diane Dixon, to help with the project.

“She did a lot of the local research by researching published materials and talking to many longtime residents,” he said in the release. “She also helped me to locate missing images and to identify ones that I was unfamiliar with.”

“Images of America: Camilla” showcases the city’s historic buildings and downtown businesses over the past century, which Royal believes Southwest Georgia history buffs will appreciate.

“It is very interesting to see how certain buildings looked back in 1906 and how they appear today,” Royal said. “It is also fun to see old photos of businesses or buildings which are no longer here, such as the old movie theaters and drive-in, and to reminisce about those times.”

The book also highlights key people in Camilla’s history.

“It is also very interesting to read about some of the fascinating and influential people whose selfless contributions have made Camilla what it is today,” Royal said.

“Images of America: Camilla” can be found at area bookstores or by visiting www.arcadiapublishing.com.

A portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, in honor of Jacob Roy, 15-year-old son and grandson of the authors, who has juvenile diabetes.

Several other books from Southwest Georgia authors or about the state are also available. They include:

• “A Purpose Under Heaven” by Derek V. Smith of Alpharetta. Available for $14.95 through August House, the 196-page hardback novel tells the story of a retired woman who finds herself in a new town and having to adapt to changes brought on by 21st century technology.

• “Born to Serve” by Charles R. Gay of Moultrie. Available through Vantage Press Inc., for $12.95, this 207-page paperback autobiography recounts the author’s life and the journey of his faith.

• “The Civil Rights Movement Through the Eyes of Lucius Holloway Sr.” by Charlene Holloway and Lucius Holloway Sr., of Dawson. Available for $15 through Dorrance Publishing Co., and at Dawson Pharmacy in Dawson, the 75-page paperback memoir recounts Lucius Holloway’s part in the civil rights movement in Southwest Georgia.

• “Draconic Destiny Birthrite” by C. Ashley Jones of Americus. Available through PublishAmerica for $19.95, this 138-page paperback novel tells the story of a girl who seeks the truth about past events and in the process, make a life or death decision.

• “Evil Men and Imposters” by Dawson native T.K. Wheeler. Available for $15 through Brentwood Publishers Group, this 323-page paperback novel tells the story of a doctor who discovers a cure for cancer, and the ramifications that come with that discovery.

• “From My Kitchen Table: A Mother Thinks About Things” by Sally Daniell Thomas of Bridgeboro. Available for $15.99 through Xlibris, this self-published paperback book is filled with 77 pages of poetry that provide snapshots of life from perspectives spanning childhood to old age.

• “From Mounds to Mega-Churches: Georgia’s Religious Heritage” by David S. Williams of Athens. Available for $26.95 through the University of Georgia Press, this 240-page hardcover book presents an overview of the role religion has played in Georgia’s history, from pre-colonial days to the present.

• “From the Abyss to Heaven” by an Albany resident who prefers to only be known as Yvonne. Available for $12 through self-publishing firm Rose Dog Books, this 61-page paperback autobiography is the author’s recount of how faith helped her overcome a lifetime of physical, sexual and mental abuse.

• “Oh No! A Roach” by Kawanya K. Isom of Warner Robins, who grew up in rural Southwest Georgia. Available for $7 through www.readtorelate.com, this self-published picture book follows a little girl’s efforts to follow rules, work hard in school and get along with others, while finding out things don’t always work in her favor.

• “Rhett Butler’s People” by Donald McCaig, who was selected by the Margaret Mitchell estate for the project. Available in paperback for $9.99, the 687-page novel is a companion to Margaret Mitchell’s iconic “Gone With the Wind,” providing insight into Rhett Butler’s background and character, as well as the love affair with Scarlett O’Hara through his eyes.

• “Swamp Gossip: Whispers From Underneath the Mayhaw Tree” by Colquitt native Jody Lane. Available for $7.95 through Outskirts Press, this self-published, 69-page paperback book takes readers on a humorous visit to the fictitious town of Mayhaw Crossings, the gossip headquarters of the South, complete with a town full of zany characters.

• “What Did Jesus Really Teach?” by Gary Lee Hatfield of Albany. Available for $9 through Dorrance Publishing Co., this 35-page paperback book uses a combination of philosophy and theology to interpret the teachings of Jesus and apply them to everyday life.

Buy It Now: Camilla $19.99

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