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‘Golf in Scottsdale’ chronicles city’s love affair with game
By Bill Huffman   - 10/29/2008

East Valley Tribune

More Info on This Book: Golf in Scottsdale

When it comes to the history of Scottsdale, few know it better than local author Joan Fudala, whose latest book on the city – “Golf in Scottsdale’’ – recently came off the presses of Arcadia Publishing.
“Golf in Scottsdale’’ is a pictorial chronology that features more than 200 vintage images of past and present golf courses, resorts, golf professionals, golf events and golf businesses associated with the city. From Ben Hogan to President Dwight Eisenhower to Phil Mickelson and more, they are all in rare form in Fudala’s new book that retails for $19.99 (www.arcadiapublishing.com)
If you are a golf nut, and you love learning about the game’s past here in the Valley, it’s a “gimme’’ that “Golf in Scottsdale’’ should be on your bookshelf. Believe it or not, the sport has been around the host city of the FBR Open for almost 100 years.
“Golf in Scottsdale’’ follows Fudala’s “Historic Scottsdale: A Life from the Land’’ and “Images of America: Scottsdale,’’ and comes on the heals of yet another Fudala book, “Desert Highlands – 1983-2008 – A Vision in the Desert.’’ In all, that’s four books on Scottsdale for the author who graduated from Ohio State and earned her master’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado before spending nine years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force.
“I’ve always been interested in golf even if I’m not very good at it,’’ said Fudala, 57, who has been playing the game for 45 years. “And when my publisher wanted me to do another book on the history of Scottsdale, I just happened to notice that no one had ever written one specifically about the game in Scottsdale. . . .
“What was really interesting to me was that during my research I discovered that golf in Scottsdale was about to celebrate its 100th anniversary dating back to the old Ingleside golf resort.’’
Even though the Ingleside Club, which was opened by Arizona Canal builder W.J. Murphy in 1909-1910, wasn’t in Scottsdale by today’s boundaries, it was back then, Fudala discovered.
“Those old Ingleside fairways that are buried underneath Arizona Country Club today, which are technically in Phoenix, were claimed by Scottsdale back then,’’ Fudala noted. “That’s because in 1909-1910 the (city) boundaries didn’t exist, and Ingleside was in the country, closer to the little town of Scottsdale, which claimed it as its own.
“Boundaries aside, when it opened along with the Inn at Ingleside it was considered Arizona’s first luxury resort.’’
Fudala said her biggest surprise while writing the book was the price of green fees.
“Looking at some of those early ads (advertisements) in various publications not that long ago, the green fees in Scottsdale were like $2 or $2.50 or $3,’’ Fudala said with a laugh. “My how times have changed!’’
Which, of course, is the beauty of Fudala’s latest effort – comparing the city’s past love affair with the game to its present. And the author does it quite eloquently with a formal approach to the English language and a keen eye for detail as she lets almost 100 years of golf in Scottsdale grow on you as you weave your way through 126 delightful pages.

Buy It Now: Golf in Scottsdale $19.99

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