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Town history to hit shelves
By Kim Johnson   - 03/19/2009

Farragut Press

More Info on This Book: Concord-Farragut

Farragut Folklife Museum Director Emeritus Doris Woods Owens’ latest project, “Concord-Farragut,” a history of Concord and Farragut in photographs has been completed and will be available Monday, March 23, through Arcadia Publishing, Borders Booksellers and Farragut Folklife Museum Gift Shop.

Owens, along with co-author Kate Clabough, worked on the book for more than a year, presenting the history of the area beginning with settlement of Campbell Station and ending with a century of weddings, up to 1960.

“It starts with Campbell Station in 1787, of course there are no pictures then, and the latest date is in the weddings,” Owens said.

Owens said she decided to publish the book after seeing one on a small town in Kentucky.

Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series chronicles the history of towns and communities all over the United States and Owens thought Concord-Farragut should have its story told as well.

“They have certain rules and restrictions that you have to follow,” Owens said.

“They will let you have up to 10 chapters. Every book has the same number of pages … it is 128 pages,” she added.

“They wanted me to call it just Farragut and I said ‘No, it has to be called Concord- Farragut because Concord is where many of the early pictures are from,” she added.

Owens said the book was more work than she had originally anticipated.

Owens and Clabough spent hours laying out the pages and writing captions for the photos.

“I didn’t think I would have to do that. There was a lot more to it than I thought when I went into it, to have to lay all the pictures out and do the writing too,” Owens said.

Once the layout and captions were complete, the book went to Arcadia for editing and was sent back to Owens and Clabough again for final corrections.

Despite the time Owens put into the project, any money made from the book will be given to Farragut Folklife Museum.

“I am giving the royalties, so to speak, to the museum. It will go into the museum fund and be paid twice a year,” she said.

Owens received her copy of the completed book Thursday, March 5, and said she is very happy with the completed product.

“I got my sample copy and I have been pouring over it,” she said.

Farragut Folklife Museum will hold a pair of signings with Owens in April.

Sue Stuhl, the Town’s director of Leisure Services, said, “There will be one Saturday, April 4 from 2 to 4 p.m., and Tuesday, April 7, from 4 to 6 p.m.”

The museum will be open and they usually have punch and cookies,” she added.

Stuhl said although the Town’s shipment of books has not yet arrived, she has seen the cover and it is “awesome.”

The cover photograph is of seven of the 16 grandchildren of Matthew and Julia Nelson Russell, including a teenaged Judy Boring Solomon, who still lives in Farragut and is a longtime Farragut Folklife Museum volunteer, in front of the old Russell home in Campbell Station.

Owens said she hopes having the book available in the museum’s gift shop will bring more visitors to the museum and help to share the rich heritage of both Concord and Farragut.

A brief description of the book and an image of the cover can be found at www.arcadiapublishing.com,

The book will be available for purchase in the museum’s gift shop, on Arcadia’s Web site and at borders March 23, for $21.99.

Buy It Now: Concord-Farragut $21.99

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