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New book celebrates Minot State University
By Staff Writer   - 08/27/2009

Inside: The Minot State University Newsletter

More Info on This Book: Minot State University

“Minot State University,” a new book written by local author Mark Timbrook, boasts more than 200 vintage images that commemorate Minot State University’s contribution to Minot and the region during its early years. It provides an illustrated overview of life on the early State Normal School at Minot campus and takes the reader through its first days, its transition to the State Teachers College at Minot, World War I, the Great Depression and through the World War II years. The book officially became available for purchase on Monday (Aug. 24).

“That movement for a state normal school at Minot emerged
during a challenging time for the community and the state of North Dakota. Despite economic woes, legislative resistance, regional competition, a tornado striking the construction site, an injunction that ended in the state supreme court and construction delays, the ‘believers’ in a Minot-based institution struggled on and eventually achieved their objective — a normal school on North Hill in Minot,” Timbrook said.

“This perseverance against seemingly undefeatable odds speaks volumes of their grit, determination and vision.”

In 1913, the State Normal School at Minot opened its temporary residence at the newly constructed Minot Armory
with 11 faculty and 55 students. Site selection, reductions in funding, construction problems, litigation and a tornado had delayed the opening of campus facilities. In 1914, the partially completed campus opened for classes. Hard economic times deferred further construction until 1924, when the normal school received collegiate status and became the State Teacher’s College at Minot.

Minot State University, an institution located in the beautiful Mouse River Valley on North Dakota’s drift prairie, is inextricably linked to the landscape, community, region and state of which it is a part. “Minot State University” honors the institution’s origin and dynamic evolution through World War II and serves as a centennial tribute to faculty, staff, administrators and students who created this premier institution on the northern Great Plains.

The book includes never-before-published photographs depicting behind-the-scene operations of the early campus
through the events of World War II. It illustrates examples of classroom activities, theater, annual celebrations, sports, student clubs and dormitory life.

“The story of Minot State University is an integral part of
Minot and North Dakota. I hope the book instills institutional and community pride. I hope it brings back good memories and strengthens the bonds between the past and present,” said Timbrook. “Lastly, I hope it creates a sense of wonder. The souls who preceded us have left a unique legacy; one we should be proud of.”

Timbrook, the technology support specialist in Minot State’s Office of Instructional Technology, an adjunct history instructor and a past president of the Ward County Historical Society, is also the author of two other books.

The books, “Inculpatory Evidence” and “The Last Hurrah: An Account of the Mouse River Valley, Bone Town, Little Chicago, and the Magic City,” were released within the last year Retired from the United States Air Force, Timbrook holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Minot State University and a master’s degree in history from Norwich University Vermont College, Northfield.

The Dr. N.M. Lillehaugen History Scholarship fund will
receive all royalties from the sale of this book. To order a copy, contact Timbrook at 858-3832 or mark.timbrook@minotstateu.edu or go to http://www.minotstateu.edu/news/000245.html.

Buy It Now: Minot State University $21.99

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