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The Chicago Marathon: By the Book
By Staff Writer   - 10/01/2009

The Biz Runner

More Info on This Book: Chicago Marathon

Raymond Britt is re-writing the book on the Chicago Marathon – and that’s a good thing. Britt has just released “Chicago Marathon” through Arcadia Publishing.

For fans of the Chicago Marathon it’s a great photographic history of the race – going all the way back to the very first Chicago Marathon in 1905. One of the most interesting parts of the book is a look at the race through “then and now” photos.

The book also gives a visual tour of the current course. It’s walk (run?) down memory lane for those who have run the Chicago Marathon before and a good primer for those who will be running it for the first time.

My only quibble with the book is all the pictures are in black and white. What I love about marathons in general and especially Fall marathons is the wide variety in colors that race day produces. There is really nothing like it and that is missing here.

Some of my favorite notes? The sponsor of the early marathons? The Chicago Daily News. The newspaper has long been defunct but it shows that even more than 100 years ago companies knew the power and benefits of sponsoring a community event.

I also loved the 1907 Chicago Tribune newspaper headline: “Sleeping Runner Loses Marathon”. Not exactly. The runner wasn’t sleeping. He was passed out from exhaustion, sadly just before the finish line.

Britt is clearly a fan of the Chicago Marathon and it shows. The book is a nice keepsake for those who feel the same way.

Buy It Now: Chicago Marathon $21.99

New Book Rewrites Chicago Marathon History
- 09/21/2009

Arcadia Publishing

More Info on This Book: Chicago Marathon

In recent years, the Chicago Marathon has become one of the greatest marathons in the world. Today’s runners, press members and race executives are well aware of the recent years’ race evolution to its current world-class status.

Few, however, are aware of the long-lost secrets in the running world: the Chicago Marathon debuted in 1905 and not in 1977 as many believe.

Raymond Britt’s new Chicago Marathon book rewrites Chicago Marathon history by showcasing the magnificent Chicago Marathons of the 1900s. Through vintage images and historical descriptions, Britt brings the newly discovered Classic Era marathons to life.

Further, Britt’s book brings the reader to present-day, illustrating parallels with the vintage races, even 100 years later. Britt also takes the reader on a detailed journey through the entire 26.2 mile marathon, from the bird’s eye runner’s view.

Highlights of Chicago Marathon:
• Features vintage images and race history from both public and private collections
• Captures the genesis of Chicago’s great marathon tradition
• Provides detailed descriptions of the first marathons in Chicago, reliving history that’s been lost for a century
• Includes a photo tour of today’s Chicago Marathon experience from inside the race, capturing the runner’s view as seen today

Available at area bookstores, independent retailers, and online retailers, or through Arcadia Publishing at (888)-313-2665 or www.arcadiapublishing.com.

Arcadia Publishing is the leading publisher of local and regional history in the United States. Our mission is to make history accessible and meaningful through the publication of books on the heritage of America’s people and places. Have we done a book on your town? Visit www.arcadiapublishing.com.

Buy It Now: Chicago Marathon $21.99

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