Call for Book Submissions: America's 250th Anniversary

Arcadia’s mission to connect people with their past, their communities and one another aligns with the goals of the US Semiquincentennial Commission to educate, engage and unite us through a broad telling of American history.

We partner with historians and organizations to produce local and regional non-fiction books that we hope foster collective understanding of complex stories. This can encourage patriotism and pride in our resilience while nurturing awareness of our setbacks and challenges.

 Before, during and after the Revolution, people fought for their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We continue the struggle to live up to ideals in our founding documents. Diverse perspectives over time change how we think about becoming a more perfect union. Knowing how the past shaped places we live and visit informs our appreciation of culture, natural resources and public spaces. 

We hope our expanding catalog of more than 22,000 titles inspires participation in shaping this evolving American experiment.

Send us your ideas!