Local History Books on Alabama
Local History Books on Alabama

Alabama, the 22nd U.S. state, has a long and storied history in the American South. Though today’s economy is still fueled primarily by industry, it was once heavily reliant upon cotton and slave labor. Protecting such interests, Alabama played a key role in the American Civil War; its capital, Montgomery, served as the first capital of the Confederacy.

Unfortunately, Alabama’s struggle with civil rights didn’t end with the war. In the mid-twentieth century, Alabama was at the center of the American Civil Rights Movement, and home to such pivotal events as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Though history isn’t always pretty, preserving it is of utmost importance, and with the right regional history books, you can learn all about it.

Explore the Unique History of Alabama

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Alabama native or an American history buff in search of a more personal approach to your favorite subtopics, history books penned by local historians are an absolute must. Explore everything that makes Alabama great, one city, town, or neighborhood at a time.

Discover the fascinating origins of iconic Alabama landmarks like Oak Park and the Montgomery Zoo. Find out how must-see Alabama towns like Monroeville, Mobile, or Birmingham got their start once upon a time. Marvel at gorgeous collections of vintage postcards and one-of-a-kind photographs that capture the inherent beauty of Alabama. Get to know Alabama culture and legends, and explore world events through the eyes of Alabama locals.

Get to Know Alabama Personally with Arcadia Publishing

Arcadia Publishing is home to one of America’s largest, most expansive libraries of celebrated local interest books. That said, it’s the place to learn more much of Alabama’s varied and exciting history. Each fascinating volume is penned by a local expert or enthusiast committed to preserving their town’s history. Our Alabama history books are packed with detailed first-person accounts, beautiful imagery, and stunning retellings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Learn more about the Alabama hometown you may think you know like the back of your hand. Meet new local heroes to admire and about the many landmarks dedicated in their name. It’s all right here waiting for you at Arcadia Publishing.

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