Local History Books on Ontario
Local History Books on Ontario

If you’re a Canadian, then there’s a one in three chance that you live in Ontario, and with good reason. It’s Canada’s second largest province and boasts a population of over 13 million people.

It’s also highly likely that you can recite a few facts about the beautiful place you call home. For instance, you may already know that the official flower of Ontario is the trillium, or that the official bird is the common loon. You probably know the likes of Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey, and Christopher Plummer were originally from Ontario.

You can get to know Ontario even better by reading up on the details of its intricate history. Let the right local interest books point you in the right direction.

Capturing the Spirit of Ontario

When you make the choice to get into regional history and local interest literature, you’ve taken the first step to getting to know Ontario on a new level – a must for anyone who loves this province!

Explore the history of Ontario’s famous connection to garlic with a volume that covers its story from farm to festival. Learn all about the trials and triumphs of resilient Ottawa with an inside look at some of its most famous local heroes and incidents. Take a closer look at Ontario’s rich food culture with a retrospective covering the last two decades.

Arcadia Brings You the History of Your Favorite Towns

No one understand the spirit of a given city, town, or community quite like the gifted historians that call it home. Arcadia Publishing is home to thousands of regional interest books penned by such writers.

Get to know your hometown better than you ever thought possible. Dig deeper in regards to your best loved interests and passions. Discover new heroes to look up to and towns to love.

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