Naperville's Haunted Memories

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Established in 1831, Naperville is one of the oldest settlements in the Greater Chicago area. The city's rich and fascinating heritage has been carefully passed down from one proud generation to the next; however, nowhere has Naperville's ghostly oral tradition and haunted history been preserved until now. Most of Naperville's unique legends—compiled for the fi rst time ever in these pages—arose from accounts of actual historic events and from the lives of notable personages in the city's long history. As the tragic events and persons faded from living memory, all that might remain of them would be ghost stories whispered by fi relight and, later, by fl ashlight tucked under a teenager's chin at slumber parties. Some eerie legends in these pages have origins that are lost in time, and still other hair-raising ghost stories included in this work are chilling contemporary, firsthand accounts of paranormal encounters within Naperville's sprawling boundaries . . . perhaps from even just down the street.
ISBN: 9780738561226
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
State: Illinois
Images: 200
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)
Diane A. Ladley was the fi rst to reveal and record Naperville's rich yet obscure ghostly history, meticulously compiled while growing up in Naperville since 1961. A national award–winning professional storyteller, writer, local folklorist, and owner of Historic Ghost Tours of Naperville, Ladley was named by her storytelling peers as “America's Ghost Storyteller” and is known to local residents as “Naperville's Ghost Lady.
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