Volume Discounts

Need to purchase multiple copies of a particular Arcadia Publishing or History Press book? Local-interest books are perfect for:
  • Gift baskets
  • Wedding guest gifts
  • VIP packages for special events
  • Family reunion keepsakes
  • Corporate event premiums and giveaways
  • And much more!
Arcadia Publishing offers volume discounts to our customers who wish to purchase multiple copies of the same title. The percentage of discount applied to your order is related to the quantity of books purchased of a specified title. Customization is also available at an additional cost. Please contact us at historybooks@arcadiapublishing.com or call our customer service line at (843) 972-1821 to request your volume discount.
If you’re purchasing books for resale then please contact retailers@arcadiapublishing.com for wholesale pricing, shipping deals, tax-exempt status, and more.