A View of Boston Common: A Diary of Notable Events, Incidents, and Neighboring Occurences

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Boston Common belongs to the world. In or around it took place events which link it with the history of government for and by the people in this country. From it radiated the influences that led to democratic as opposed to aristocratic rule. To it can be traced the gatherings in town halls by the substantial men in Massachusetts, and other commonwealths; and the famous little red schoolhouses date their inspiration from the public exercises that took place on the classic green in Boston. Boston, the American Athens, stands in the front rank of social, commercial and political prominence. The reputation of families of culture has spread throughout the country, and its leading men, as one generation has followed another, have wielded a mighty influence in moulding public opinion and promoting its resources. It abounds in historic landmarks, which date from Colonial days, and its modern development, with its broad avenues, buildings and parks, has equalled, if not excelled, any city in the world. The Common, with all its historic associations, is now the Park of the City with its fountains, statues, malls and lake. It has always been the scene of all kinds of incidents—historic, dramatic, tragic, and is now the feature in its landscape and beauty. It might be called an indicator of all that ever occurred in Boston.
ISBN: 9780738594903
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Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
State: Massachusetts
Series: Marula
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Originally published in 1914.