We As Freemen: Plessy v. Ferguson

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Essential reading on segregation now in paperback! "Medley deftly puts in colorful context the U.S. Supreme Court's signal 1896 decision sanctioning so-called separate but equal facilities. . . . Rich in family and community history and local lore, Medley's work details the world of New Orleans' free people of color . . . this remarkable read is recommended." -Library Journal
ISBN: 9781455617234
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
State: Louisiana
Images: 20
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 5.5 (w) x 8.5 (h)
A photographer, freelance writer, and speaker, Keith Weldon Medley focuses his research and pursuits on the great city of New Orleans and its African American communities. Medley is the two-time recipient of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities' Publishing Initiative Grant. He is a native of New Orleans and holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychology and sociology from Southern University at New Orleans. He attended St. Augustine High School in the Treme neighborhood. Medley speaks publicly at numerous historical, cultural, and commemorative gatherings. He was a guest lecturer at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art for an exhibit entitled New Orleans Free People of Color and their Legacy. He gave the closing remarks at the 52nd Anniversary Symposium that commemorated the Little Rock Nine students and was the lecturer for the 150th anniversary celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation in New Orleans. Medley's articles can be found in numerous publications, including the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Smithsonian, American Legacy, Historic Preservation, Southern Exposure Magazine, New Orleans Tribune, and others. He has appeared on several radio shows to discuss his articles and research, including NPR's Weekend Edition and BBC's How the World Got Mixed Up. His photographs have been featured in American Poetry Review and Welcome. Medley previously served as a tour guide, introducing visitors to the history, culture, and hidden gems of the city he calls home. Medley lives, writes, and researches the city where he grew up and the city he loves: New Orleans. He is a proud member of several local organizations, including the local chapter of Friends of Amistad, Friends of New Orleans Cemeteries, Preservation Resource Center, and Friends of Bishop Perry Middle School.
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