The New England Cook Book: The Latest and the Best Methods for Economy and Luxury at Home
This book features both an entertaining collection of recipes (which quickly become stories in themselves) and a fascinating slice of life from a century ago. Egg yolks are "yelks," there are not one, but two "mock turtle" recipes that require the scalding and cleaning of a calf's head (don't ask about the tongue) and everything is cooked over fire—live, wood-burning fire.
The History Press
: 9781596294004
: The History Press
: 12/31/2007
: Massachusetts
: American Palate
: 322 Black And White
: 5 (w) x 8 (h)
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About the author
These turn-of-the-century New England cooks bring a glimpse of everyday life in 1905 to the table through this collection of favorite recipes.
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