Haunted Old Town Spring

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Old Town Spring's historic streets may set the scene for a quaint shopping village, but they also serve as byways for one of the most haunted towns in Texas. A perfectionist past the end, Uncle Charlie still fusses around the historic Wunsche Brothers Café, the oldest commercial structure in the area. The spirit of a girl who died in a barn still plays with her group of friends in Doering Court, while a headless switchman runs after phantom trains trying to prevent a collision. Her path lit by unknown lights in the sky, author Cathy Nance leads the way through Old Town Spring's spookiest sites.
ISBN: 9781625859228
Format: Paperback
Publisher: The History Press
State: Texas
Series: Haunted America
Images: 82
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 6 (w) x 9 (h)
Cathy Nance is the founder and case manager of Woodlands Paranormal. As an intuitive and empath, Cathy has been on a lifelong journey to help others and to explore and learn about everything she had an interest in. She has used her gifts as the case manager of Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigation (OKPRI), Society of the Haunted and then Woodlands Paranormal, where she counsels the group's clients and manages the group. After several near-death experiences at the age of three, she began to have strange things happen that no one could explain. She would dismiss anything strange, because she thought she was tired, or she would rationalize it to fit the most logical explanation. Cathy grew up in the church and found some explanations through priests and her religious studies. She says, “As I got older, I moved into a very old home with paranormal activity and couldn't always explain it away. I started seeking more answers by reading everything I could get my hands on as well as asking questions from anyone who would talk about it. I took some classes in parapsychology, became even more devout in my church and spirituality.” Her work in the paranormal has led her to be featured on Animal Planet's television show The Haunted as well as My Ghost Story on the Biography Channel, Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma on Ghosttales Television Network and multiple other film projects. Apart from her paranormal interests, Cathy is the owner and photographer of Cathy Nance Studios, located in Old Town Spring, Texas. Photography is one of the mediums she uses to create art for her clients. Her art and photography have been displayed in various galleries. She is also a nurse and an accomplished pastry chef.
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