Columbus Beer: Recent Brewing & Deep Roots

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Brewing in Columbus began more than two centuries ago. The taps were only turned off during Prohibition and the short pause that preceded the modern craft beer explosion. For generations, names such as Hoster, Born, Schlee and Wagner secured staunch local loyalty for their brands and earned national acclaim for their brewmasters. Today, more than thirty craft breweries ply a prosperous trade in the capital city. After huge California craft brewery Stone became serious about Columbus for its East Coast expansion, Scotland's successful BrewDog chose central Ohio for its U.S. beachhead. Author Curtis Schieber celebrates the rise, fall and triumphant return of brewing in Ohio's capital.
ISBN: 9781626199101
Format: Paperback
Publisher: The History Press
State: Ohio
Series: American Palate
Images: 142
Pages: 176
Dimensions: 6 (w) x 9 (h)
Author Curtis Schieber brewed his first batch of beer on January 18, 1992, with malt extract and dried yeast. and has never looked back. Most of his work hours in the last forty-two years have been spent in or around the music business. He owned a record store for most of the 1980s and promoted concerts and released records on his independent label for six years. Schieber has hosted a specialty radio show on commercial alternative radio station WWCD, CD102.5FM since January 1991. The year 2017 marks the his fifteenth at his “day job” at Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Though he spent six formative years in Mexico City, he is happily settled with his wife and two children in Columbus, Ohio, a significant market in the craft brewing movement.
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