Haunted Bay City Michigan

Meet author Nicole Beauchamp, author of Haunted Bay City Michigan.

"When I began writing my first book, Haunted Bay City Michigan, in 2019 I never could’ve imagined where my writing career would take me, or whose hands my books would eventually wind-up in. Growing up in a small town and having big dreams meant I had to work a lot harder than my peers to make my mark in the world, but I knew I was up to the challenge.

Since that time, I have now published a total of three books including Haunted Bay City MichiganHaunted Detroit, and Haunted Bars & Pubs of Michigan. Instead of merely sensationalizing the purportedly haunted locations I was writing about, I made a point to uncover the hidden histories of each location and interviewed staff, owners, volunteers, and visitors of each place to not only accurately portray the paranormal happenings, but also back up the claims of activity with historical evidence. I even let each location read their chapter to ensure accuracy. The process was no doubt tedious and exhausting at times, but the final products were something I could confidently stand behind and be proud of.

So, let me express just how surreal it felt after giving up my social life and putting my all into these books, to see them in the hands of famous celebrities and budding actors in Hollywood and beyond!

Haunted Michigan Local History Book Arcadia PublishingRichel Stratton of Ghost Hunters fame took a selfie holding my first book and posted it on her social media, raving about what a good read it was. I was then fortunate enough to be a guest on former Playboy bunny Bridget Marquardt’s podcast called Ghost Magnet. I was even more fortunate when she saw me at the Michigan Paranormal Convention (MI Paracon) in 2022 and excitedly asked her mother to take a photo of the two of us for her Instagram story, telling her mother she was a fan of my work.

Haunted Michigan Local History Book Arcadia Publishing

Haunted Michigan Local History Book Arcadia PublishingTo top it all off, in August of this year at MI Paracon, I met Jack Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne’s son, who is most famous for his paranormal investigating on the show Portals to Hell. Upon meeting and greeting him, I gifted him a copy of my third book, Haunted Bars & Pubs of Michigan. I was delighted when he held it up proudly in a photo taken of the two of us. After I posted the photo to my Instagram and tagged him, he then shared it to his story which reached over 600,000 people. I nearly collapsed in a fit of joy.

To gain the support of these people I’ve looked up to for so long means so much to me. It’s proof that dreams really can come true and even though you may feel limited by your financial means or where you live, with enough hard work and perseverance, success will find you and make you realize that the sky is really the limit."