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New from The History Press

The Millfield Mine Disaster by Ronald W. Luce

New Local history book about Ohio

On Wednesday, November 5, 1930, Sunday Creek Coal Company Mine #6 at Millfield became the unenviable site of Ohio's worst coal mining disaster. Negligence caused an electrical spark to ignite accumulated methane and detonated untreated explosive dust. Within minutes 82 men were dead, 56 women became widows and 137 dependents found themselves fatherless. Approximately 120 men not in the direct line of blast and flame escaped. Miraculously, 19 others were found barely alive many hours after all were presumed dead. The tragedy could have been prevented if proper procedures had been followed and profit not put before worker safety. Author Ron Luce brings all of the facts together for the first time to tell the story of the Millfield Mine Disaster in full detail.


World War I Oklahoma by James Gregory

Local history book about World War Oklahoma

On April 6, 1917, the United States entered World War I. As the country prepared for war, the state of Oklahoma answered the call. Thousands of men, including Native Americans who did not have American citizenship, entered the service prepared to sacrifice their lives while men and women on the home-front dedicated themselves to supporting the war effort. Like many other states, Oklahoma was hampered by overzealous Councils of Defense and the devastating Flu Epidemic, overcame those challenges to provide a unified front. Author illuminates the fascinating history of the state by bringing together little-known stories from all over Oklahoma.


Lost Oregon Treasure by Arthur Redman

Local history book Oregon

Tales of Oregon's lost wealth isn't all gold mines and prospectors, it's also stories of crime, greed; and occasionally murder. From the Lost Blue Bucket Mine to a hidden cave in the Owyhee Breaks, rumors of treasures just waiting to be found span the state. A generous miner from Yreka, California, known only as Set em Up spurred a decades long search for gold in Southern Oregon and the discovery of Crater Lake. Six sacks of gold buried and lost by Benjamin Harrison added to the fervor. There have been lucky finds, too, like Samuel L. Simpson's discovery of the Lost Cabin Vault. Join author Arthur H. Redman as he maps out tales of buried treasure across the great state of Oregon.


True Crime Stories of the South Carolina Midlands by S. Catherine Anderson

Read this new South Carolina True Crime book

Mischief and Mayhem in the Midlands. A thrilling account of dramatic and menacing crimes that shaped the central region of the state. Crimes that captured the attention of residents in the area and statewide over the years from gamblers with too much debt to insurance fraud and a famous cat burglar. A well-known televangelist had a run in with arson, and a murderer made his presence felt all the way in California. This collection of headlining stories features notorious serial killers, families divided, vicious politics and marital strife. Author Cathy Pickens brings her eye for a great story to Columbia and recounts with a novelist's detail the infamous crimes that rocked a region.


New from Arcadia Publishing

Past & Present: Oregon City by Johna Sans Heintz and Jo Lynn Dow

Local History book about Oregon City

Oregon City's storied past remains embedded in its architecture, where impressions of earlier generations linger beneath bricks and plaster. These structures narrate the city's growth and are concrete reminders of those who labored in its transition.
 Anchored between historical and modern lenses, writer Johna Sans Heintz and photographer Jo Lynn Dow have combined their academic backgrounds in history and education to present time-capsuled snapshots of Oregon City. Their street scenes and anecdotes humanize those whose legacies are interwoven into the city's fabric.


Images of America: Atascosa County by Martin Gonzales and the Atascosa County Historical Commission

Local History book about Texas

A rural area in Texas, Atascosa County is located directly south of San Antonio. The old roads traveled through this land were en route to missions, forts, and places of importance to natives, explorers, settlers, wildlife, and battle-tested armies. Atascosa County was created in 1856 by the Texas Legislature, and since the land grants were distributed in the late 1800s, the population has increased substantially as settlers dealt with Indian raids, drought, and the hardships of farming and ranching. As the rest of America embraced the machine age and technical wonders, Atascosa County has evolved along in stride. Initially, wagons, plows, and mules toiled for rural Atascosa County; today, vehicles, tractors, and modern machinery keep the county moving forward. Coined "The Birthplace of the Cowboy" by historian Dr. Ben Parker, the land continues to be dominated by the cattle industry. In modern history, country stars such as Willie Nelson and George Strait have blazed a path through Atascosa County with deep ties and humble beginnings.


Images of America: Oak Hill Cemetery by Laura Lavelle (nee Hackfeld)

Local history book about Washington DC

Oak Hill Cemetery is a unique gem: a premier example of a 19 th century garden park cemetery hidden on a hillside in Washington DC's oldest neighborhood: Georgetown. The hill that Oak Hill now calls home was once called Parrott's Woods; a tree-covered park popular with Georgetown residents, and a favorite picnic location for the Fourth of July. In 1849, William Wilson Corcoran, a DC banker and philanthropist, purchased the land from a great-nephew of George Washington. Mr. Corcoran's vision for Oak Hill Cemetery was that it was to be a place for families to bury and commemorate their loved ones while at the same time being in a place of great natural beauty and inspiration for all to enjoy.
Oak Hill was officially established by an act of Congress on March 3, 1849. W.W. Corcoran hired US Navy captain George de la Roche as master engineer to lay out the cemetery and design the Gatehouse. In 1850, Corcoran commissioned James Renwick Jr. to construct a small Gothic Revival Chapel; construction took three years.
Oak Hill Cemetery is host to many notable historic figures and Washingtonians. Abolitionists, ambassadors, authors, artists, inventors, politicians, scholars, and soldiers rest safely in Oak Hill; and hundreds of stories have yet to be told. Today, Oak Hill is an active cemetery with a mission to serve the community, and preserve our historic grounds, structures, and records.


Images of Sports: The Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame by John DiSanto

local history book about boxing in pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame (PABHOF) was established in 1958 to honor the elite performers of the state's boxing history. The first five-person class of inductees included ring legends Billy Conn, Harry Greb, Tommy Loughran, Philadelphia Jack O'Brien, and Lew Tendler. The PABHOF continued to induct outstanding participants of the sport who either hailed from the state or had an impact on the Pennsylvania boxing story. By 2023, the list of honorees numbered 438 and included champions, contenders, club fighters, trainers, managers, promoters, cutmen, and other key members of the boxing community.


New from Pelican Publishing

Last Night When We Were Young by E.J. Rosenblum

Local history book about American music

This book presents a slice of the American songbook from 1920 to 2020, with the author recommending 365 of the best recordings of lesser-known standards and sambas of the period. From Whose Baby Are You? (Jerome Kern, music; George Gershwin, piano; 1920) to Baltimore (Randy Newman, 2011, not the original orchestral version) and beyond, this carefully curated list will set readers on a wonderful path of discovery.


Bugs on the Rug by Johnette Downing

Local children's book

Based on a song from author and illustrator Johnette Downing's album Boogie Woogie Bugs, the singsong rhyming text introduces babies and youngsters to the wonderful world of bugs. Illustrated with Johnette's bold, bright foam and paper collages, the bugs seem to hop, skip, fly, and jump right off the board book pages and into the hearts of little listeners in this entertaining and educational counting adventure!


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