Our Favorite Bookish Gifts that Aren't Books

As a publishing company, we love books. We love all things books! But sometimes, for the book lovers in our lives, we want to gift more than just books (I know, it's a crazy thought - who could possibly want anything other than books??). So we have compiled 10 of our favorite bookish gifts for you to pair with a book gift. 

1. A personalized book embosser

Personalized Book Embosser

While we don't love writing in books to claim them as our own, an embosser is classy. It shows that the book belongs to you without having your personal scrawl in it. It feels professional. Any book-lover would love to sit around for an entire day embossing every book they own.

2. Kate Spade Book Tote

Kate Spade Book Tote

This one is for the upscale book-lover in your life. Kate Spade is a luxury brand for those high-end friends and family of yours, but it's also practical and bookish. 

3. Rifle Paper Co. Book Mug

Rifle Paper Co. Porcelain Book Mug

Reading and drinking a warm beverage go hand-in-hand, so why not buy your bookish friends a cute bookish mug!

4. Booktrovert T-Shirt

Booktrovert T-shirt

The classic T-shirt with a bookish twist. Dress in comfort while also letting everyone know you would much rather be reading.

5. Portable reading tray with cupholder

Portable reading tray with cupholder

Read in bed without your arms going numb holding up your book! And there's a spot for a cozy beverage and maybe a snack bowl.

6. Cozy Candles from Mythologie Candles

Mythologie Candles Historical Collection

Breathe in scents of damp ink, leather-bound covers, sweet musk, and dried lavender between pages while you read. It's the perfect addition to your reading senses.

7. Book Pins

Book Pins

How cute are these little stocking stuffers? They make for the perfect bookish gift!

8. Book charms from Avondale&Oak

Book charm

These little book charms make for beautiful bookmarks but also just add a little beauty to your bookshelf!

9. Mug Warmer

cup warmer mug

We all know what it's like to get so engrossed in your book you forget about your tea. By the time you reach for it, it's gone cold! Not anymore - with this cup warmer, your tea (or coffee or hot chocolate) will stay warm while you read!

10. A gift card from our friends at Bookshop.org

Bookshop dot org gift card

For those of you who haven't heard of bookshop.org, they are an online bookstore that gives back to local bookstores with each sale. If you know us, you know we love local and want our local bookstores to thrive. So maybe you have a bookish friend who doesn't live near you (or you don't know what their taste in books actually is), you can buy a bookshop.org gift card and support your or their local bookstore in the process! 

*Now, if you're able to shop at your local bookstore, we recommend that too!

And of course, our favorite bookish gifts are books! Specifically our books because we definitely aren't biased. Shop our books at www.arcadiapublishing.com and find a book for everyone on your list!