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Lutherans of Cole County, Missouri by Jeremy Amick

Large groups of German immigrants began arriving in Cole County in the 1830s. By 1843, thirty-seven of them banded together to establish the first Lutheran church in the county--Zion Church. The following year, the second Lutheran church was founded near Taos, while the pastors at Zion helped establish a third congregation in Lohman in the 1850s. Doctrinal disputes inspired members to leave the church in Lohman and establish a new Lutheran congregation in Stringtown after the Civil War. Over the generations, Zion--the "Mother Church"--disbanded but other Lutheran congregations developed in Centertown, Honey Creek, Russellville, Jefferson City and near Brazito. Local author Jeremy Amick details the rich history of Lutherans in Cole County.


Historic Bridges of Southeast Minnesota by Steve Gardiner

During the early days of the state, the Mississippi River and its many tributaries barred and disrupted transportation and commerce. To span these obstacles, communities battled to build and maintain bridges. Their efforts created a variety of bridge designs and purposes--from small hiking and biking bridges to concrete beams across rural rivers. Across the area, one can behold wonders like the beautiful Stone Arch Bridge, the La Crescent Swing Bridge, the Point Douglas Drawbridge, the elegant Winona Main Channel Bridge as well as other massive structures crossing the Mississippi.

Studying and photographing these amazing structures, local author Steve Gardiner celebrates the innovation and determination of Southeast Minnesota.


Ghosts and Legends of Lafayette and Louisville by Doug Conarroe

Explore ghastly history and lasting lore! The legend of local miner Teodor Glava, the Lafayette Vampire, has reached near cult status, with people from all over the country visiting his gravesite. Buried bootleggers lost to an underground tunnel explosion purportedly haunt Louisville's Main Street. Local teenagers explore the outskirts of Old Town Lafayette to confront the legendary La Llorona, who preyed on curious children and adults. And, an infamous Headless Horseman stalks Spruce Lane, a dirt road in old town Louisville. Sorting out fact from fiction with some tantalizing first-hand accounts, author Doug Conarroe takes a critical look at these and other myths, legends and ghost tales.


Haunted Mining Towns of Arizona by Parker Anderson and Darlene Wilson

Spectral miners and lingering spirits Once Arizona's biggest economic base, mines and the towns that sprang up around them can be found scattered across the state. Stories of paranormal encounters in places like Jerome, Bisbee and Prescott persist, while ghost towns are rumored to host a multitude of lingering spirits. In Ajo, the dead are said to wander through the old Phelps Dodge Hospital, and legend has it that the shades of miners long gone still work the Vulture Mine, looking for the next big gold strike. Do the spirits of Geronimo and his warriors still roam the land they fought so hard to keep?


Haunted Tucson by Daryl F. Mallett

Wandering spirits, vengeful ghosts, and unexplained sightings in Tucson, Arizona. The benign, candle-carrying ghost of Mayor Levi Manning is reported to roam the halls of Manning House, while a frightening presence is said to lurk in the projectionist room at the Fox Theatre. In Room 242 of the Hotel Congress, guests have described a woman in white sitting at the end of the bed, while other spirits have been spotted in the halls. From the Mission San Xavier del Bac, built in 1700, to the grounds of the University of Arizona, stories of paranormal encounters abound.

Creepy Kentucky by Keven McQueen

Kentucky is no stranger to strange occurrences. From weird encounters with the Grim Reaper to local graveyard dog, the Bluegrass has its share of odd stories. Learn about local ghosts who've haunted areas for years. Encounter body snatchers and some very odd modes of death. Go on the hunt for Daniel Boone's bones and witness the marvelous twisting tombstone. Witness the people who uncannily predicted their own death. Author Keven McQueen details these creepy stories and more.


Haunted Florida Lighthouses by Heather Leigh-Carroll Landon

Lighthouses dot the Florida coast, there to help seafarers navigate their way to shore. But when tragedy comes for Florida, it often blows in from the sea, giving the lighthouses and the cursed men and women inside a first look at horror. The lively spirts of teenage sisters inhabit the St. Augustine Lighthouse, where an accident claimed their lives, suspending them in their playful youth. A storm wiped out the Sand Key Lighthouse in 1846, claiming the lives of 16 whose spirts now chatter away--generally in contented tones but sometimes straying into anger. A Civil War casualty roams near the Amelia Island Lighthouses, holding to a promise to see his love one last time before departure.


Haunted North Central Texas by Theresa Nordheim

North Central Texas is home to some former residents who just won't leave. Encounter spirits of affluent families lingering in their mansions and the specters of notorious outlaws still trapped in their jail cells. Uncover the mysterious demise of Garland's Smiley family and the grisly secrets of a Grayson County slaughterhouse. Track down the stone angel who flaps her wings when no one is watching. Learn why the elevators at the Adolphus Hotel frighten guests and plumb the ghostly currents that flow through the town of Mineral Wells. Author Teresa Nordheim ventures into the past of a region with more unnerving shadows than a North Texas Thunderstorm.


Lady Undertakers of Old Texas by Kathy Benjamin

The intimate task of caring for the dead had long fallen under women's sphere of responsibilities. But after the Civil War, the sudden popularity of embalming offered new financial opportunities to men who set up as undertakers, pushing women out of their traditional role. In Texas, from the 1880s to the 1930s, women slowly regained their place by the bier. Many worked while pregnant or raising children. Most shouldered the additional weight of personal tragedies and persistent sexism. All brought comfort to the bereaved in the isolation of the Texas frontier, kept its cities free of deadly disease and revolutionized an industry that was just coming into its own.


Haunted Central New York by Dennis Webster

From the edge of the Adirondacks, to the heart of Syracuse and everything in between, central New York boasts some of the most haunted history in the state. Utica, Rome and Cazenovia all have historic tales of ghostly moments and unexplained aparations. Join author Dennis Webster as he reveals the hidden haunted history of central New York.


Mesa by Susan Ricci and Shannon Maki

Brigham Young sent the first pioneers to Mesa in the late 1870s to help support the Mormon Church's expansion into Mexico. Some of the earliest businesses during those days included a blacksmith shop, theater, lumberyard, and mercantile. Much of the early architecture still exists among the downtown buildings, churches, and schools.


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