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It's the first full week back at work from the holidays. All of the festive decor has been put away and there's not really another big day off to look forward to for a while. We're all feeling those post-holiday blues! But the good news is that we have new books for you! 

Arcadia Publishing

Camp David by Robert P. Savitt

Camp David Local History book

Originally named Shangri-La by Franklin D. Roosevelt, today's Camp David was a well-guarded secret until its existence was revealed after World War II. A US Naval facility set on a mountaintop, Camp David's tight security has piqued the curiosity of Americans and foreigners. Prior to the outbreak of war, Roosevelt had access to the nearby presidential yacht as a "getaway" to escape the pressures of life in the White House. After a brief search of nearby locations, a site on Catoctin Mountain in Maryland was chosen as the place for the presidential retreat. It remained Shangri La until President Eisenhower said the name was "just a little fancy for a Kansas farm boy" and renamed it Camp David after his father and grandson in 1953. It has served as retreat for each succeeding president and, in addition to providing rest and relaxation, has been the setting of several historic meetings. Robert P. Savitt writes and lectures on a variety of historical subjects. He holds a doctoral degree from Georgetown University, served in the Departments of Defense and State, and was legislative director for a US senator. Savitt has authored three previous Arcadia Publishing titles.


The History Press

A Guide to Mississippi Museums by Richelle Putnam and Diane Williams

Mississippi Local History Book

Museums not only preserve history--their mere presence shows what a community values and celebrates. And from the incredible variety of museums that dot the Mississippi landscape, it's abundantly clear that Mississippians celebrate everything from the quirky to the grand. From the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson to the Grammy Museum in Cleveland, the state boasts museums celebrating aprons, motorcycles, the game of bridge and the fight against the yellow fever epidemic. Join authors Diane Williams and Richelle Putnam on a tour through the Mississippi institutions that celebrate a little bit of everything from the state's rich, diverse history.


Lost Long Island by Richard Panchyk

Long Island Local History book

From sprawling potato farms and incredibly lavish estates, to whaling ships and early race cars, Long Island has an incredibly rich history often lost through the generations. In the world of racing, Long Island was once the horse racing capital of the state and hosted the nation's first professional auto races. Though farming still thrives in Suffolk County, there are only a few working farms left in Nassau County, where hundreds of farms dotted the landscape generations ago. Cold Spring Harbor, Greenport, Sag Harbor and Southampton were centers of the whaling industry in America and maintain a whaling heritage today. Author Richard Panchyk reveals fascinating narratives of Long Island's lost history.


The Golden Age of Baltimore Theater by Charlie Mitchell

Baltimore Local History Book

The story of Charm City on stage. Baltimore's dynamic theatrical tradition had hard-scrabble beginnings in the eighteenth century. The popularity of the theater only grew, continuing to the vaudeville and burlesque boom of the early 20 th century. Discover the sometimes brilliant, sometimes heart-breaking stories of the actors Baltimore clamored to see and the riots that broke out when they hated what they saw. Key figures such as Lewis Hallam, the Peales, Laura Keene, John T. Ford and James Kernan sought to stage their own versions of the world in playhouses that reflected an ever changing American culture. Let theatrical historian Charlie Mitchell take you on a fascinating journey through this bygone era.


Historic Shipwrecks of Coastside California by Joann Semones

Shipwrecks California local history book

The stretch of California coast from San Francisco to Monterey has seen its share of disastrous shipwrecks with devastating losses, but there are also stories of courage, innovative rescues and unique salvage operations. Uncover the tale of the adventurous, ill-fated Sir John Franklin, now marked only by a nearly forgotten cemetery, and relive the wreck of the New York, one of the most notorious ships to ever sail. Learn about the Coastside's worst maritime tragedy, when the passenger steamship San Juan was struck by the oil tanker twice her size and sank in minutes, plunging seventy-five men, women and children into the sea. Join author JoAnn Semones as she shares the stories of doomed ships that found their end along Coastside California.


A History of Pewee Valley by David Russell and Allen Axelrod

local history book

A Hidden Gem in Kentucky. Eighteen miles northeast of Louisville, Kentucky, Pewee Valley is a town of 1,588 people and a lot of stories. It was settled in 1852 and named after a bird, the eastern wood Pewee, by Noble Butler, a Louisville educator. It is a small place, but the railroad industry gave it life. David Russell details the rich history of this idyllic place.


The Jefferson City Civil Pilots by Michelle Brooks

Jefferson City local history book

Aviation captivated young men before World War II, regardless of their skin color. But few Black enthusiasts had access, means or opportunity until the Civil Pilot Training program. Lincoln University of Missouri and the old Jefferson Airfield offered the only program west of the Mississippi River exclusively for Black pilots. Fulfilling the dream of the school's founders, many successful Lincolnites joined the Tuskegee Airmen, the first U.S. military aviation units. Wendell Pruitt's aerial acrobatics were legendary, and Wilbur Long was one of twenty-two to survive Nazi POW camps. Clovis Bordeaux went on to be one of the first Black rocket scientists, and Charles Anderson became a pioneer in satellite meteorology. Michelle Brooks explores Lincoln's men and moments in their pursuit of Double Victory.


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