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Clinton and Kirkland by Zach Lewis

The village of Clinton and town of Kirkland are neighboring communities in central New York. Clinton was founded in 1787 and has served as an educational hub anchored by Hamilton College. Clara Barton, Grover Cleveland, and Leland Stanford were educated here, along with Elihu Root, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912. The natural resources of Clinton and Kirkland, including Oriskany Creek and hematite ore, facilitated local prosperity.
Clinton native Zach Lewis, an educator, journalist, and photographer, explores the area's heritage, highlighting the evolving landscape and why he believes that "all roads lead to Clinton."

Historic Tales of Flathead Lake by Butch Larcombe

When asked about the greatest accomplishment of his 34-year congressional career, Mike Mansfield, one of America's revered political figures, offered a simple reply-- "Saving Flathead Lake." The largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River has centuries of oral and written history. Much like the towns dotting the shore, even the islands of Flathead Lake, such as Wild Horse Island and Melita Island, harbor rich histories. Expectedly, contentious battles over projects arose, including the construction of the Kerr Dam and "The Flathead Lake Fight of 1943." From the sinking of the Big Fork to the still visible remains of the Helena, the lake has been site to numerous nautical disasters. And unexplained plane crashes, creatures and occurrences have confounded locals throughout the years. Author Butch Larcombe presents factual, well-researched stories that paint a picture of the lake's colorful people, historic events and lingering mysteries .

Detour Montana: History by the Roadside by Jon Axline

While Montana's roadside historical markers give motorists an introduction to the state's colorful history, there's much more to explore. Priests Pass and Helena's Morelli Bridge were displays of ambition and fortitude. Conversely, the story The Black and White Trail represents the folly of one Doc Siegfriedt. Once thriving and strategically located along rails and roads, the towns of Beaverton and Taft are lost to history. While striking geological features like Tower Rock and picturesque byways like Harding Way are enduring vistas. Historian Jon Axline takes readers along the aboriginal trails, territorial roads, historic bridges and fascinating stopping points connected to Montana's lively and exciting transportation history.


Lost East Chicago and Indiana Harbor by Joseph S. Pete

East Chicago, Indiana, was a melting pot. The Indiana Harbor neighborhood drew comparisons to Ellis Island as immigrants flocked from all over the world to work at its steel mills. Once home to more than a hundred nationalities, the "Workshop of America" made metal and many other products. Despite issues like pollution and political corruption, it earned the nickname "City of Champions," winning state titles, sustaining a historic high school rivalry, and producing greats like Gregg Popovich and Junior Bridgeman.
 Award-winning Region journalist and Lost Hammond author Joseph S. Pete explores bygone landmarks like Washington and Roosevelt High Schools, Inland Steel Christmas parties, the zoo, Taco Joe's, the Mademoiselle Shoppe, movies palaces, the gym where Michael Jordan played his first Bulls game, and more.


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