Store Match

Arcadia Publishing provides cooperative advertising allowances to reimburse retailers for advertising and promoting its titles. Arcadia offers two types of co-op.
  1. 1. Order a wire display filled with books. Wire display options include: Floor Spinner Rack (16-pockets holds 96 books), Counter Spinner Rack (8-pockets holds 40 books), and  
Hanging Wire End Cap (6-pockets holds 42 books). You receive +2% additional discount or 90 day terms.


2. Author events. Retailers can earn promotional allowances for author events by placing a supporting order for the event and receive an extra +2% discount on the order. Additional funds for event promotion can be discussed. Some examples of ways our booksellers promote events with co-op money include: refreshments, advertising, special posters, banners or displays, and author travel. All co-op expenditures must be approved in advance.
Fill out the form below and someone from our Publicity department will be in touch within 24 hours.Arcadia Publishing’s co-op program is subject to change at any time.