Books for the Chef in Your Life

For those who delight our palates all year long, how about giving them a unique addition to their favorite shelf? We have cookbooks and local food histories, not just from every corner of America, but for every meal of the day, starting with Austin’s Breakfast Tacos, to lunchtime with Texas Hamburgers, to dinner in Big Sky Country. And for dessert, try New England Pie. For your baker, there’s the delicious dough of Southern Breads, or the sweetness from Gottleib’s of Savannah, an institution since 1884 and home of the Chocolate Chewie. For chefs who like it hot, how about recipes from the Chili Capital of the US: Cincinnati Chili, or the Sizzling History of Miami, or the meaty wonders of Memphis BBQ? This year, feed the hungry heart of your favorite chef with just the right book about local food and cooking.

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