Historical True Crime Books

Crime – it’s a topic that triggers a mixed bag of emotions. We, as Americans, fear crime and worry about its effects on society. However, we’re fascinated by it at the same time. We itch to know what made history’s most notorious criminals tick, and we’re intrigued by accounts of prison breaks, the Mafia, and so much more.

That’s because the history of crime, federal penitentiaries, and more are inseparable parts of American history on the whole. Start your own studies on the topic with the right criminal history books.

The History of Crimes: A Rich and Varied Area of Study

The history of crime covers a lot of ground, to say the least. That said, serious scholars must be sure to deepen the reach of their studies by including regional history books and local interest literature as part of the mix.

Read up on the rich histories behind each noteworthy federal penitentiary, including but not limited to Sing Sing, Alcatraz, and Fort Leavenworth. Study detailed accounts of famous crimes in history and examine how they affected the regions in which they occurred. Learn all about gangs, crime figures, and other important entities.

Explore American Crime in Detail with Arcadia Publishing

There’s a reason why the Arcadia name is practically synonymous with the regional interest genre. To date, Arcadia Publishing boasts one of the largest, most varied, and most trusted catalogs of local interest history literature in existence.

Explore the history of crime in America with fascinating accounts of prison life. Absorb the stories behind some of the nation’s most notorious criminals. Study each of America’s most famous prisons, the criminals they housed, and the individuals that designed them. Browse detailed collections of vintage photographs and documents.

With Arcadia in your corner, you’ll have access to everything you’d like to know about the role crime and punishment have played in America over the years. Explore it in depth today!

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