Finding Your Audience

As you begin this process, a good question to keep in mind is, “Who is my target?” We strive to find as many different types of readers as possible for every one of our titles. For many authors, it helps to identify a core group of readers. What was it that first motivated you to pursue this project? Was it a love of local history, an interest in a particular piece of lore, or devotion to a specific subject? By finding other like-minded readers who share your passion, we can find ready customers for your book, while leaving the door open to grow your audience.

Social and Professional Organizations

These groups can be great sources of readers for your book, and they’re likely to pass the word around to friends and colleagues in wider social circles. Local historical societies, Rotary Clubs, and groups like the Lions Club can be great starting points.

Facebook and Social Media Groups

Making your book’s presence felt online is a great way to spread the word. In our increasingly connected age, word-of-mouth is still the most trusted source of information. Social media groups are the new meeting places for like-minded people, and they provide a ready-made audience for your book. Search Facebook to see if a group exists devoted to the subject of your book. You might have used such a group during your research to gather images or information, so now is the time to go back to the group with news about your book’s upcoming publication. There’s also more information in this guide about setting up your own social media accounts to promote your book.

Blog Readers

Blogs exist for nearly every topic you can imagine, and visitors to these blogs are book buyers in the making. You don’t need your own blog to make blogs work for you. Visit other blogs and leave thoughtful comments. Keep them succinct and relevant, and if the opportunity arises, cite your book. If you find a blog that is relevant to the topic of your book, you can also reach out to the blog’s author and offer to write a guest post. Contact the blog’s author directly using his or her email address or a public contact form. (Do not use the blog’s comment section for this purpose.) As an author on your chosen subject, you are the expert. Whatever your subject, chances are there is a website, blog, or Facebook page devoted to it!

Building an Audience Takes Time

Don’t get discouraged! Finding an audience online is an ongoing effort, and can sometimes take time to research and plan. Keep at it, because the results can be dazzling!



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