For Authors - Frequently Asked Questions

When/where/how can I share the cover once I've given approval to the designer?

Once you've gotten the clear from your editor, you can share your cover on your social media channels or with friends via email. This is a great way to build excitement for your forthcoming publication.

How do pre-sales work? When can my friends pre-order on Amazon?

About five months before your publication date, pre-order links will be available on online marketplace sites including Amazon,, and Barnes &

When will I hear from Sales and Marketing?

Your publicist will be in touch to start working with you about two months in advance of the publication date. You will hear from your sales specialist about placing a pre-order about ten weeks out from the publication date.

Can I make plans for events/a book launch before hearing from Sales and Marketing?

Yes, if you already have good contacts in your area and want to start scheduling a launch eventor other book talks and signings, please do so. When your publicist contacts you eight weeksbefore your publication date, they'll ask you to fill out a marketing questionnaire, and you caninclude information about whatever you've set up on that. It's very useful to start laying thegroundwork as soon as possible.

When will I receive my author copies?

We mail author copies as soon as we receive the stock of your book in our warehouse (typically 4weeks before the publication date).

When is the first royalty payment?

Net receipts on sales for the period July 1 - Dec 31st - Statements and payments disbursed at theend of March.

Net receipts on sales for the period Jan 1 - June 30th - Statements and payments disbursed atthe end of September