For Authors - Get to Know the Sales Teams

Independent Sales

The Independent Sales team is comprised of:

Sales Specialists - Your sales specialist works to get your book placed in as many independent retail outlets in your local area as possible.
Field Sales RepsThey are the ones going door-to-door in your local area selling your book face-to-face with retailers. These reps are on a tight schedule, so we cannot guarantee when they 'll be in your neighborhood and you won 't hear from them, but again, not to worry! They are working hard to make sure every stone is turned.

Scan-Based Trading (SBT)

Ever seen a spinner of Arcadia books in a Walgreens, CVS, or your local grocery store? That's the Scan-Based Trading team! Don't worry if you don't see your book there right away—these spinners are designed with each store and are constantly refreshed with new titles according to different seasonal needs and store promotions. Keep on the lookout, because it's sure to pop up on a spinner near you sooner or later!

National Sales

The national sales team works months in advance of publication to get all titles in front of buyers at large distributors (those that sell to traditional stores, libraries, zoos/aquariums, and national parks), national chains (Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Cracker Barrel, Hudson Airports), and Amazon. In most cases these larger national accounts will only work with vendors of record, which means they do not purchase from individuals.

Arcadia has a long-standing track record with all of these national businesses and continues to work with each company to negotiate terms and follow their unique guidelines in title presentation, shipping protocols, and in some instances special packaging/labeling.

The national team also works to identify opportunities for advertising in company catalogs/websites, special product placement (for example, on end caps/tables or within widespread Arcadia spinner programs across multiple stores within a chain).

The national sales team regularly attends vendor shows for libraries and other companies to maintain visibility within the industry and speak face to face with buyers and store managers regarding our products, new imprints, and display options. In regard to Amazon, the national team is responsible for making sure that all titles are listed on Amazon and linked to the Arcadia account on time and with all the correct data.

Wherever possible, the national sales team will work to enhance product pages with additional photos, endorsements, awards, etc. Once a title publishes, the national sales team will monitor sales and ensure that Amazon is ordering at appropriate levels.

Direct-to-Consumer Sales 

The Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Sales group is comprised of sales made directly on, ebook sales, and collaborative partnerships with digital licensing companies that adapt content for the educational market as well as subscription services. 


Arcadia's website is visited by nearly a million unique users every year, and the D2C team's goal is to make finding the book they are looking for or discovering something new easy, quick, and enjoyable. Our audience is comprised of people from every state in the nation, and finds us through organic web searches, paid advertisements across the internet, social media posts and ads, and our own captive email marketing audience of 75k subscribers. 
We market Arcadia's books with a mind for interesting content delivered directly via email, new title features, and educational information. 
For True Crime authors, there is also the opportunity to be featured on our award-winning podcast, Crime Capsule. Each season is planned by host Benjamin Morris, the D2C team, and our producing parters at Evergreen Media around certain themes. Let your publicist know if you would like your book considered and are available for an interview. Check out previous episodes here
Since most royalties are earned based on the net sale of a book, directing people to Arcadia to buy your book has the potential to put a little bit more money in your pocket, too. We hope you include Arcadia links to your books alongside other retailers and have an affiliate program for interested authors looking to further monetize direct-to-consumer link sharing. 
Authors engaged on Facebook an Instagram can also take advtange of our direct shopping through the Meta platforms via User-generated content. Any time you post a picture, video, reel, or story to either platform and tag @arcadia_publishing we are notified and can request to feature your post on our shoppable feed. Users can transact without leaving the app, but the sale is fulfilled by our direct-to-sales channel. 


Arcadia Partners with InSCRIBE Digital and Open Road Media to distribute our ebook catalog to 50 digital retailers, libraries, and educational systems including Kindle, Apple ebooks, Hoopla, Overdrive, and more. If your book has been selected to be converted into a digital format, you can expect publication of the ebook simultaneously or within a week or two of publication of the print edition. If you don't see your book on a specific ebook store you think it should on, submit a ticket to our help desk asking for help with ebook visibility from the digital sales department.