Quick Tips

  • Remember your publication date. Your book’s publication date (or pub date) is the day on which your book is formally available for readers to purchase. All of our marketing and sales efforts are timed to coincide with your book’s pub date. It’s important to note that your book will be printed, shipped, and stocked in our warehouse well in advance of this date to give us time to send copies to reviewers and retailers. When you’re spreading the word about your book, both online and in your community, use your pub date whenever asked about timing.
  • Use your product page. Every product sold on our website has a dedicated product page. You’ll receive the link to your book’s product page 4-6 weeks before your publication date. Use this link to share with everyone! Unlike pages on Amazon or other online retailers, we have complete control over your product page. Besides book signings, sharing your product page is one of the best things you can do to promote your book. Share it on Facebook and Twitter, put a link in your email signature, and post about it online!
  • We have free promotion materials for you. These promotional materials include postcards, posters, business cards, and bookmarks. You’ll have the opportunity to receive a wide variety of these materials from your publicist during the lead-up to your book’s publication date. (If you want to receive marketing materials even sooner, just contact your publicist.)
  • Order books through your sales specialist. As an author, you have access to special bulk discounts that you can use when purchasing copies of your book. Be sure to contact your sales specialist to place orders, whether large or small. This will also ensure that our stock is up to date and your books will ship quickly.