American Chronicles
American Chronicles
When it comes to exploring the unique backstory of a given city or town, old-school history textbooks will only present you with a bare skeleton of the larger story. You’ll learn about some of the more important personages that make that place famous, but miss out on more intimate stories from local heroes. Important dates will be covered, but equally important everyday happenings and local interest stories might be omitted.
That’s exactly why it’s so important to explore local history from a variety of interesting angles. Let History Press’s ground-breaking American Chronicles series introduce you to the places you already know and love from a collection of interesting new perspectives.

Explore Regional News History in Rich Detail
American Chronicles is a series of historical vignettes compiled from a variety of different news sources through the ages. These include major newspaper columns and magazine stories. However, rare and eclectic sources – like historical society newsletters – are included, as well. The result is a distinctive, unique look at some of America’s most fascinating locations.
Relive the Delta region’s 19th century exploration boom with a collection of true and interesting tales from the Sacramento Delta. Take a journey all the way back to the birthplace of America with a riveting collection of articles and historic images from the Hampton Roads region. Browse a selection of amazing stories from America’s Great Lakes. Just a small sampling of what’s here waiting to be discovered!
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