American Palate
American Palate
Any foodie will tell you that it’s impossible to really understand a place before also developing an appreciation for the local cuisine. That’s because a given city’s take on craft beer, chowder, sandwiches, or burgers is about so much more than good eating. It’s an important part of that city’s history and culture as well.
The American Palate series from History Press treats food lovers and history buffs alike to a unique look at the role flavors, ingredients, and local dishes play when it comes to American history at large. Explore recipes, little known tidbits, and nostalgia from hundreds of locations across the nation – an absolute must for any food, wine, or beer lover!

Discover the True Flavor of America
If you’ve ever wondered how street food came to be such a huge part of Los Angeles culture, or how Milwaukee became synonymous with the very idea of brewing, then American Palate is for you. Learn more about your own favorite locations or explore the rich histories behind your favorite cuisines, ingredients, and dishes across the country.
Discover New Mexico’s rich connection to chilis of all kinds. Take a journey through a collection of fascinating tales and tidbits about Cincinnati’s historic restaurant scene. Sit down and enjoy a bowl of gumbo in Cajun Country, a cold glass of craft beer in Buffalo, or a perfectly ripe apricot in Silicon Valley. You’ll never see a simple sandwich or glass of wine the same way again, once you’ve explored American Palate.
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