Arcadia Kids
Arcadia Kids
Children who are introduced to American history when they’re young benefit from their early studies in a variety of ways. They grow up with a deeply ingrained sense of patriotism and community. They often develop a deeper thirst for knowledge in general, and an appreciation for reading as they grow.

Arcadia Kids is a series of volumes on regional American history designed especially for children ages 7-11. Vivid illustrations, beautiful full-color photos, and engaging writing styles combine to create a learning experience that is equal parts fun and educational.

A Perfect First Experience with American History
Every American child should grow up with a basic understanding of American history, as well as an appreciation for different regions across the United States. Arcadia Kids presents curious young minds with an ideal learning experience that is sure to leave them wanting more.

Treat your child to riveting collections of fun facts, interesting stories, and localized information designed to bring each American state and city to stunning life. Instill a deeper understanding of a child’s home region by teaching them where and how it fits into the bigger picture of U.S. history. Feed your child’s anticipation for an upcoming move, field trip, or family vacation with corresponding volumes. Anything’s possible with Arcadia Kids in your corner.
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