Black America Series
Black America Series
It goes without saying that African Americans are an important part of our history as a nation. They’ve risen to prominence as builders, leaders, speakers, and visionaries that have helped shape the communities in which we live. However, while Black America is definitely an indelible part of the larger picture when it comes to American history, it also comes attached to a rich history all its own. 

Arcadia Publishing’s Black America shines a much-deserved spotlight on important black people, events, neighborhoods, and topics through the ages. Enrich your studies with gorgeous collections of vintage photography, little heard voices from multiple black communities, and more.

Get to Know a New Side of Black America
Although black history is touched upon in many standard American history texts, it’s important to realize that the picture painted is far from complete. Studying black history on a regional level uncovers a wealth of information, images, and stories that deserve your attention. Black America presents avid readers and historians with an excellent place to start.

Explore the history of Negro League baseball throughout each U.S. state. Discover the rich backstories, trials, and triumphs of African American populations in Long Island, St. Louis, or Los Angeles. Get lost in fascinating volumes dedicated to black builders, social activists, educators, doctors, and more. It’s all right here waiting for you with Black America.
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