Brief History
Brief History
American history is about so much more than the big picture. Each city, town, and community across the country comes attached to its own set of important stories, people, and legends as well. That said, no study of American history is complete without a detour through the wide, wonderful world of regional history and culture.
History Press’s Brief History series aims to provide readers and history lovers alike with intimate but comprehensive introductions to some of America’s most important locations. Enjoy beautiful vintage images, vivid accounts of each location’s important events, little known tidbits of information, and more.

Regional History with Accessibility
Each Brief History volume delivers an informative but very readable look at the history of one notable American location. Explore every stage of that location’s development, from founding to present day. Start with your own hometown or favorite destination. Continue with detailed looks at iconic communities across the nation.
Pay a visit to the steel mills and locomotives of Scranton Pennsylvania or the snowy peaks of Cannon Mountain. Discover the fascinating backstory behind the Boston and Maine Railroad. Follow the story of Brielle, New Jersey as it evolves from isolated salt works to bustling suburb. Develop a whole new understanding of what goes into the making and development of an American town that is sure to enrich your life and your appreciation for American history in general.
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