Campus History
Campus History
Higher education is more than just an important step when it comes to making your way in the world. It’s a huge part of American culture, as well as the American dream in general. It’s also a massive piece of the puzzle when it comes to the larger concept of American history.

Arcadia Publishing is proud to present Campus History, a unique collection of volumes that showcase American colleges, schools, and educational institutions of all types from all over the country. Relive iconic events throughout history, enjoy fantastic vintage photography, and develop a richer appreciation for the way our campuses have shaped us as a people.

Get to Know America by Getting to Know Its Campuses
The American university represents an important rite of passage for any young person with big dreams and lofty goals. University is where we come of age, get to know ourselves, and discover our true callings in life. Life is full of promise and ripe with possibility. No wonder most of us think back on our college years as the best years of our lives!

Campus History as a series is the reintroduction to college life we’ve all been waiting for. View amazing collections of images featuring students, professors, and iconic campuses throughout history. Explore the rich backstories and little known histories of hundreds of American colleges, from West Liberty State, to Princeton, to Vassar. Get to know your own alma mater on an entirely new level or discover new campuses to fall in love with!
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