Civil War
Civil War
When it comes to intriguing events throughout the timeline of American history, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the Civil War. That’s because it’s not just an important part of American history on the whole. The Civil War also had a monumental and lasting influence on the regional histories of towns and communities across America.
History Press’s Civil War series let you explore this pivotal and deeply fascinating slice of American history on an entirely new level in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War itself. Study up on critical turning points, important battles, groundbreaking campaigns, and much more.

Explore the Civil War in Stunning Detail
Each state, city, and community played its own role in the Civil War. Each was affected differently, and each has its own set of personal stories, important events, and compelling images to add to the bigger picture. Civil War aims to introduce readers and history buffs alike to an entirely new look at the event, one location at a time.
Get to know Fort Monroe, the only fort in the Upper South to remain under Union control throughout the entirety of the Civil War. Explore the Potomac Diary, the fascinating firsthand account of a medical student and soldier from upstate New York. Enjoy little known details, beautiful vintage imagery, and fresh takes on iconic events that are sure to enhance even the most painstaking studies.
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