Anyone who’s been studying American history for long can tell you that it involves a lot more than memorizing a long list of names and dates. American history is also the story of our society. It’s the study of individual communities and the events that helped shape them over time, and disasters are an important part of that story.
History Press’s Disaster series shines a compelling spotlight on the role of disaster in our history as a nation, one region at a time. Explore specific disasters in stunning detail, or learn about how specific cities have coped with disaster over time.

Celebrate the Resilience of the American Spirit
A study of regional disaster history enhances a more general study of American history in a number of important ways. It educates in regards to what went wrong in the case of human error-related events. It also shines an important spotlight on the triumph of the human spirit – something Americans understand intimately.
Explore the aircraft wrecks of Los Angeles over an entire century of aviation history. Learn how the Gulf community of Pass Christian made a stunning comeback after Hurricane Katrina with the help of a local newspaper. Even find out how Petersburg, Virginia residents rallied after the great fire of July 1815, and how Cleveland survived a long history of storms and other calamities. It’s an entirely new side of American history just waiting to be discovered.

Dig Deeper with History Press
The History Press isn’t just home to one of the most respected collections of American regional history books in the country. Its Disaster series gives a voice to communities and individuals that have survived multiple disasters throughout American history. Start your journey into American resilience with a volume on your own home region or favorite topic of interest. Continue with a multitude of other fascinating looks into communities and lives across the country!
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